Embedded software internship

Utrecht, NL

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About the assignment

We are looking for a versatile embedded software engineer who solves complex problems with elegant, robust, but above all effective code. You focus on the reliability of our local control of flexible energy assets. The role is open for graduation projects as well. Feel free to reach out to discuss the academic objectives of this assignment.

Key responsibilities

  • Implement a fallback for battery control in our simpl.gateway in case of connectivity issues to our cloud platform, ensuring seamless operation and reliability.
  • Collaborate with our engineering team to design and implement efficient embedded solutions.
  • Develop and maintain embedded software for optimal performance and reliability.
  • Build a comprehensive test setup to validate the functionality and performance of the implemented battery steering feature.
  • Document the testing process and results to ensure thorough evaluation and validation of the work done.

Skills & requirements

  • Strong affinity with the energy markets and/or sustainability.
  • Degree in Embedded Systems, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Science.
  • Proficiency in Rust or a strong willingness to learn.
  • Familiarity with embedded systems development.


Improve the robustness of local control of flexible energy assets. Contribute to accelerating the energy transition with your embedded software skills.

About us

At simpl.energy we’re on a mission to accelerate decarbonisation through electrification despite existing limitations of our electricity grids. We do so by providing insights into our customers' power peaks and by mitigating them through smart control of flexible assets like batteries, charging stations, heat pumps, and more. The combination of our cloud-hosted energy management system (EMS) and local gateway enables doing so at scale.

Contractors and recruiters need not apply.

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