Cloud-focused software engineer

Utrecht, NL

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About the role

We are looking for a versatile software engineer who solves complex problems with elegant, robust, but above all effective code. The focus on cloud means you build software in an event-driven architecture with maximum scalability in mind. Super efficient use of cloud resources makes you a happy camper. Your do most of your coding in Rust, but you're comfortable around many languages.

Key responsibilities

  • Developing event-driven lego blocks of code that perform data processing, flexible asset planning, role-based access control and more.
  • Creating resilient, reliable, and efficient software.
  • Be responsible for running your code in production.
  • Striking a balance between constant improvement and speed of development.
  • Share knowledge with your colleagues.

Skills & requirements

  • Most of our platform is coded in Rust, experience is desirable.
  • Not fearing or frowning upon other languages. We also have a healthy dose of Python, which you might look at every now and then.
  • Be pragmatic one moment, stick to your principles at other times.
  • Engage in healthy discussions on functionality and quality and don't refrain from receiving and giving constructive feedback.
  • Come to the office at least once or twice a week.
  • Be a pleasant team member and actively seek collaboration.
  • Wholeheartedly support the energy transition.


Competitive salary package including a solid share-based component to benefit from the potential upside. Besides, we offer travel compensation for commuting and customer visits. Also, compensation for courses to improve your skills (including soft skills). Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday drinks with your colleagues and a remarkable annual trip with the whole team.

About us

At we’re on a mission to accelerate decarbonisation through electrification despite existing limitations of our electricity grids. We do so by providing insights into our customers' power peaks and by mitigating them through smart control of flexible assets like batteries, charging stations, heat pumps, and more. The combination of our cloud-hosted energy management system (EMS) and local gateway enables doing so at scale.

Contractors and recruiters need not apply.

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